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Explaining my game reviews.

I am going to be putting up game reviews every so often, you should check out the games I review. I will be giving the game a rating out of 10. I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings by my reviews, you should try anyways. And if you made the games that I speak of, then I faint. If you are notch, then I die. If I say It is good, then play it.

I will review the games that I have recently played.

My first Post & About

Hey guys, this is just me explaining some stuff, Here is a list of things you should know. In order of importance;

  1. Waffles are delicious.
  2. Waffles are delicious.
  3. Waffles are delicious.
  4. Pancakes are yummy
  5. I am not going to tell you much Personal info.
  6. I am on a mac and proud of it
  7. My Grammar is not perfect
  8. I have a fat cat named Scooters, An Elegant cat named Jago and a fat dog named foster
  9. Scooters’ Nickname is Chubbles the fat cat
  10. Jago’s Nickname is Jago-jee
  11. Foster’s Nickname is Dr. Chubblesouras Rex. PhD
  12. I will try to make lots of cheap jokes
  13. I end on thirteen ‘cause I can.

Psst. Try and figure out my secret in my username HINT: its a number


Post a comment if you can or PM me on roblox:

I may get twitter….

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